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Tip of the Month

Summertime is a great time to go through your choral library to:

  • Organize, find mis-filed music
  • Remember anthems you haven't performed in a while-- make a stack for planning next year
  • Throw away xerox copies and order legal versions
  • Make sure your inventory list is up to date (in case of fire or flood); if you don't have an inventory, get volunteers to enter into Excel or Access (either bring a laptop to the choir room, or extract one copy of each and divide up the stack)
  • Make sure your filing cabinets and shelves are protected (on blocks, under plastic covering) to protect against fire/flood


Religious Calendar Dates

Liturgical Calendar Music (organ/choral) repertoire suggestions    Liturgical Calendar 2002 detailed         

Liturgical Calendar Tables (for instance shows dates of Easter every year)

Sample skeleton repertoire & rehearsal calendar

Excel spreadsheet ROLL BOOK for rehearsals and sundays for 2002-2003 (print landscape on 11x17 paper, or re-format as you wish)


The following are free for the use of members of the American Guild of Organists, and must not be used for profit.

1999 Convention Workshop Handouts and Resources:

Convention Reviews

Other Resources:

Ambiguously polite reviews - Ever wanted to say something "pleasant" about a concert?

Sheet Music Archive - public domain pdf warehouse

Columbus AGO Links - a plethora of great resources

Modular Modulations (points of departure (structures) to make your own way to the key of G)

Boston's Mother Church Aeolian Skinner History

Sample Job Description/Contract for Director of Music Position (for your adaptation)

Marketing Your Church Music Program

Article on Resources for beefing up lean music budgets

Article on rehearsal techniques (both keyboard and choral)

Rehearsal tips (remembering things to go over); Rehearsal tips (marking scores)

Article on organ practicing by Barclay Wood

Article: Prescriptions for the congregation who lags behind organ hymn accompaniments

Contemporary Organ Music Repertoire List

Recipes from famous New England Organists, including the late Robert J Lurtsema

(Blank) staff paper in text-file format  (customize, print, compose!)

Article on A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) w.r.t. Church Musicians

Open Directory (DMOZ) Catalog of Pipe Organ Links

Worcester-Area Organ Specs

Great link to music resources (including Hymnody, choral, church music, and organ-related)

Choral Music in print (all publishers) Search (simple and advanced; JW Pepper database)

International database of choral repertoire (includes anniversaries of composers)

Two web sites on early history of pipe organs and instruments

Site on musical acoustics, architecture, etc.    Church Worship Space Architectural Acoustics Conference

Music scores resources (for those odd requests for a wedding or funeral)

Convention Home Page

Convention program book full-page advertisers...