1999 Region I AGO Convention
Worcester, Massachusetts    June 27-30, 1999


Most of us are often plagued by our music budget limitations - it seems to be a fact of (church) life. Here are some suggestions for finding funding.

There are often parishioners who might be willing to donate a small amount for a specific purpose. Our job is to identify those people and match them with an enticing need. Don't be shy to ask. Some people will help out just knowing they will have an impact on the music program. Often the more direct & specific information that we can supply, the more willing people are to help.

Possible donation sources -

Possible specific needs to entice donations -

Then specifically invite the donor to hear the performance.

These are but a few suggestions that might help toward the expenses of running a quality music program. Many times there are people who just need to be asked and it is up to us to let them know what the needs are.

Will Sherwood, ChM, AAGO, is Director of Music & Organist at First Unitarian, Worcester, and loves to accept contributions for his music budgets!