1999 Region I AGO Convention
Worcester, Massachusetts    June 27-30, 1999


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Position: Director of Music & Organist

Summary: The Director of Music/Organist has a wide range of responsibilities and performs a variety of tasks. Responsible for all aspects of music and instruments related to the church and church programs. Through music, represent the church and its principles in the community at large. The workload varies through the year, involving a yearly cycle of weekly Sunday services with additional services at Christmas, and other special occasions.



A. Administrative Planning

B. Organist/Pianist

C. Choir Director

D. Other Responsibilities

E. Accountability

F. Hours

G. Additional Comments

Code of Ethics
First Unitarian endorses the Code of Ethics and Professional Standards of the American Guild of Organists.

Respect and Trust
An atmosphere of mutual respect and trust is important for clergy and musicians. Both parties need to recognize that there is a strong collegial interest as they work together in ministry to the congregation and each other. At the same time, the recognition by the other staff and the congregation that a church position is usually not the primary source of employment is also important. The musician's level of commitment or involvement may vary from time to time. This is a source of frustration for both parties -- with care and understanding, this situation may be minimized or used creatively.


Parts excerpted from UCC employment information http://www.macucc.org/compensation/muscgdln.htm