1999 Region I AGO Convention
Worcester, Massachusetts    June 27-30, 1999


Modular Modulations
... navigating yourself into the dox...

by Will Sherwood, AAGO, ChM

The following are chord progressions that can be used as is, or embellished at your whim for transitioning from an offertory anthem into a congregational response (often in protestant services, Old Hundredth) into that famous key of G.   Feel free to utilize passing tones and alter the rhythms to be interesting-- they are merely shown in block form here in whole notes. Optional quarter notes may be played to sequence the altered harmonic movement between the whole-note chords (i.e., change the chord note at a time if you wish, in the order shown from left to right by the quarter notes).  Include as many or few of these quarter notes to "creep" to the next chord, a style Gerre Hancock calls "Virginia Creeper."

You are free to copy and utilize these however you wish, but not for profit.

In any case,

modulate yourself to the
Region I convention June 27-30, 1999 in Worcester.

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