Ever want to say something polite after a terrible performance? Get in the swing of ambiguity from some of the above phrases.

What people are saying about this performer's recent concert:

This music was unbelievable
Absolutely unforgettable!
... an entirely different level of playing
No one plays like this artist; Set apart from the rest; No other artist compares
This concert will go down in performance history
I haven't heard pieces played like this in years
This is a new watermark
...gripping performance brought the audience to tears ... kept them on the edge of their seats
Incredible interpretations; played like we've never heard before
Showed off his technique; His skill was apparent
Revealed his true musicianship
Filled the hall with an amazing sound
... projected an ambivalent quality that at once was strong and fragile
... responded to the score's considerable demands
The effect of the music goes without saying.
Who would have thought that such sounds could come out of this instrument?
He barely missed a beat.
Provided a memory to last a lifetime!
A wonder-filled evening.
… talk of the town
You[the performer] should have been in the audience!

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