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Kharkov, Russia, 1910   -   Provincetown, Mass., USA, March 23, 2001

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"The laws which govern visual art deal with: the shape of given areas, arrangements of negative and positive spaces within it, and the colors which reinforce such qualities. Only with these qualities do my paintings speak as something more than a mere copy or simple representation."   - MISCHA RICHTER

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mischa richter  is best known as a cartoon artist at The New Yorker Magazine.  His magazine art has additionally appeared in This One's On Me, The New Masses, Saturday Evening Post, Colliers, This Week Magazine, Esquire, Ken Magazine, Penthouse Magazine, and PM.    He received a BA from the Boston Museum School and a MFA from Yale University.  He worked as a WPA artist in the 1930's.  His solo exhibitions include shows at: Provincetown Group Gallery, Cape Museum of Fine Arts in Dennis, Massachusetts, Leonid Kipnis Gallery in Westport, Connecticut, Wadsworth Athenaeum in Hartford, Connecticut, Silver Mine Guild in New Canaan, Connecticut, Chrysler Museum in New York, Miller Gallery in Cincinnati, Berta Walker Gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts, Heineman Gallery in New York, and Bartsch & Chariau Gallery in Munich, Germany.   He currently has work the collections of Peter Kline, J. Whitney, Alf Landon, the Library of Congress, The University of Ohio, The Rockefeller Science Foundation, The Cartoon Museum, Zurich, and The Museum of Cartoon Art.

At ninety years of age, Richter's impressive painterly career has spanned decades. He began working alongside Siquieros and Orozco for WPA mural projects in New York and Boston. Richter diverse artistic phases are all driven with an action painter's aesthetic in combination with meditative fields of color, to create an aesthetic where the "laws which govern visual art deal with: the shape of given areas, arrangements of negative and positive spaces within it, and the colors which reinforce such qualities." The body of watercolor collages shown by Gallery Bershad was begun in the 1970's and includes several images which have never been previously viewed.



1929-1930 Boston Museum School Boston, Massachusetts
  Studied with Philip Hale and Harold Zimmerman
1930-34 Yale School of Fine Arts New Haven Connecticut


1935 Works Progress Administration New York, New York
Burroughs Newsboy Foundation Mural Boston, Massachusetts
1941-present The New Yorker Magazine New York, New York - Cartoon Artist
1944 This One’s On Me, Published by McGraw Hill
1947-61 Strictly Richter, New York, New York, Published by King’s Features

Various Years The New Masses, Saturday Evening Post, Colliers, This Week Magazine (A Herald Tribune Publication), Esquire, Ken Magazine, PM, Cavalcade, and others.

Richter was listed in Advertising Age as among the ten best animated cartoons.

He is the author of six cartoon books and he has been nominated twice by the National Cartoonist’s Society as Best Cartoonist of the Year.


Provincetown Group Gallery Provincetown, Massachusetts

Cape Museum of Fine Arts Dennis, Massachusetts

Leonid Kipnis Gallery Westport Connecticut

Wadsworth Athenaeum, Hartford, Connecticut

Silver Mine Guild New Canaan, Connecticut

Chrysler Museum New York, New York

Miller Gallery Cincinnati, Ohio

Kipnis Gallery Westport, Connecticut

Berta Walker Gallery Provincetown, Massachusetts

Heineman Gallery New York, New York

Bartsch & Chariau Gallery Munich, Germany


Library of Congress Peter Kline

The University of Ohio Mr. Alf Landon

The Rockefeller Science Foundation Mr. J. Whitney

The Cartoon Museum, Zurich, Switzerland

The Museum of Cartoon Art

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