blaine bershad - sterling mass DPW board

Blaine Bershad for Sterling DPW Board

I’m a retired architect with significant construction and development experience, including road building, bridge building, water systems, underground electric and communication utilities.

My experience includes working with large diverse groups of people, understanding complex systems and being able to provide understandable summaries to busy clients.

I have lived in Sterling for about 30 years and in that time span, a week hasn’t gone by without me explaining or defending the work of the DPW in the normal course of discussion with neighbors and friends.

I decided to give back to the community and run for the DPW board. I am a systems person. I know that with 147 miles of roads in Sterling and only 7800 people living here, we can't afford fancy tracking systems but worse, we can't afford to have the current approach, which is to go all over town fixing the areas in crisis.  Maintenance and proper construction will provide us with the lowest costs over a very short time period.

Water systems are currently not ample enough, forcing many to live with minimized service or to ignore the water bans.

I pledge to the citizens: