Table of Contents

Table of Contents for
Working With Your Contractor:


The issue of time
The decision process
Understanding how contractors actually work
The different kinds of contracting firms
Selecting a contractor
Written agreements
Tracking the project: budget & time
Rules for working with a contractor

Project priority lists
Specifications for a small project
Interview questions for Selecting a contractor
Contractor pricing breakdown
Project schedules
Decision lists
Site visit reports
Telephone report form
Project bulletins
Change orders
Progress payment forms
Punch lists
Webpendix(TM) Resources

Biography & Acknowledgements




A Goal Priority Lists:
    Examples & Forms, including an additional hierarchical list format sample

B Project Specifications:
    Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Classifications
    A step by step review of specifications that can be copied and altered so that     you can have a complete set of specifications without starting from scratch.

C Finding a contractor:
    Interview form for Design professionals
    Interview form for Referral Services
    Interview form for Suppliers
    Interview form for Subcontractors
    Interview and evaluation form for a Potential Contractor

D Project Pricing Breakdown
    Pricing Examples
    Bid Request Forms
    Pricing Forms for Bid Requests

E Project Schedule:
    Example from appendix

G Site Visit Report
    Full samples from the appendix
    Blank forms

H Telephone Report form

I Bulletin form
    Full samples from the appendix
    Blank forms

J Change Order form

K Progress Payment forms
    Full samples from the appendix
    Blank forms

L Punch List form
    Full samples from the appendix
    Blank forms

M Liens
    Partial waiver of Lien forms
    Final waiver of Lien form

Internet Resources


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