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Experiential Design

Architectural experiences affect each of us in a unique way, both overtly and subliminally. Sometimes we are not consciously aware of the way our surroundings impact us. At AT, we honor the individual character of our clients and the way each naturally perceives their environment.

We encourage you to consider the way your environment affects the way you live & work before we offer an architectural solution. We listen closely to you so that your project will be sensitive to your needs on a conscious and sub-conscious level. At AT, we want to create an environment that harmonizes with your view of the world.

Architecture is not just the structure, but also how the structure is experienced, inside and out.  When architecture is experienced as a composed flow of planes, light, and texture, it deeply touches sensual emotions; we are elated, joyful, relaxed. The dialogue between mass and void, how sunlight moves across a room, or the play of different materials on one another, are important elements in creating experiential architecture. These elements are captured in every BDA design.

Our design process allows you to experience your desired quality of life before construction even begins.  It is difficult to understand the feelings evoked by spaces layered with form and light, while looking at a 2-dimensional plan or elevation drawing. What appears to be clear on a plan, can become something quite different once built. Using 3D modeling software, we offer the chance to walk through your new space, experiencing spatial relationships, light, and materials.

We provide different levels of 3D image qualities customized for each client. Some clients only require simply rendered models. Others desire photo-realistic images of complicated models with extremely accurate light placement and material. This process promotes clear communication between client and architect and an efficient construction process.

Attention to Detail

At AT, we believe that every project is the sum of its details. It is this philosophy that makes us an integrated design firm. Whether you are planning a warehouse or your own home, we have the ability to provide you with detailed solutions to all of your design needs. Furnishings and art are a great part of how we create joyful spaces for our clients. We can assist you in selecting furniture and art that are complementary to the architecture. If you cannot find the right sink for your new bathroom, or table for your dining room or boardroom, we can design it for you. Satisfaction with your total environment is our goal.

Preservation or New

We strongly believe in historic preservation, and take our responsibilities as preservationists seriously, we also believe that our architecture should reflect the times in which we live. We enjoy exploring the possibilities of designing for life in the 21st century from an aesthetic and ecological point of view. We believe that our designs should employ energy efficient and non-toxic materials and technologies. Wherever possible, we use natural light, ecological construction methods and materials, and high quality / low maintenance construction.

Our approach to architecture is multi-faceted, in part due to past experience as contractors. For example, we are not interested in materials just as designers but as former contractors as well. This is reflected in quality materials: from lights and plumbing fixtures, to framing lumber and methods. We want to be sure that you will be satisfied with the quality of your project for years to come.

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