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Boston-based Architectural Firm  Architectural Technologies, Inc./Architects (AT Inc)  is owned by Blaine Bershad, who has over 25 years of experience in design, development, and construction management.  AT specializes in the design of unique high-end residential and commercial architecture.  We use the latest 3D-computer technology to enable all of our clients to see and experience their space before any construction begins.  It is our belief that any successful project is born from high-quality collaboration between architect and client.


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The mission of AT is to help our clients develop their own high-quality and meaningful environments.  We provide superior custom design services for people seeking creative architectural and interior design solutions.  We serve to meet the client's aesthetic and functional desires, while assisting the client in discovering what those desires might be.  We forge long-lasting relationships with our clients through honest communication that is grounded in integrity and mutual respect.  The product of such a relationship is the creation of environments that are individual and personal to every client.


Custom Contemporary Homes Architect Designed using 3-D CAD computer visualization tools

Boston architects AT provides cutting-edge creative architecture design for both residences and commercial, new and renovations. We utilize state-of-the-art architectural Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools that provide the client with 3-D perspective renderings to help visualize proposed and select design schemes. Changes, variations, and trial strategies are all easy using Sigma Design's Arris CAD tools. We provide the implementation contractors with detailed plans and three-dimensional drawings to help them visualize the goal in order to achieve satisfactory and efficiently built results. We have a vast portfolio of past work, and a proven track record of innovative and successful designs throughout the Boston area, Massachusetts, the Northeast and New England, as well as other parts of the United States. Residential architectural clients benefit from the contemporary kitchen, bath, and other living space design techniques and vision offered by Bershad and his architecture design team to provide aesthetically pleasing and comfortable custom living environments and spaces while optimizing functional design solutions for the interior and exterior.

AT focuses on client needs and requirements by fitting appropriate design styles, aesthetics, sustainability, and efficiency to every project. We help our clients in the research, development, and management of an architectural or urban design project which will realize their stated objectives. We can help clients put troubled projects back on track, recovering lost time, reducing costs, and achieving their design intentions. Our services include innovative design visioning, Feng schwai approaches, project analysis, facility analysis, and considerations for site ecology, political and legal constraints, construction and technology, economics and financial factors, preliminary assessment and design planning and scheduling design and engineering, architecture & site land planning, interior design, Project categories and types include new construction, renovation, and restoration, single and multi-family residential housing, educational, cultural, and institutional buildings, commercial and industrial buildings. We produce work of high quality, integrity, and longevity.

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