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First Unitarian Church, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Music Program

Will Sherwood, AAGO, ChM  -  Director of Music & Organist

Nathaniel Needle  -  Children's Choir Director

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1990 photo (pre-fire): 1965 Aeolian-Skinner Pipe Organ, 61 Ranks, 4 Manuals

Festival Choir

Music, because of its deeply spiritual power to inspire our emotions or illustrate a text, often better than the spoken word, plays an integral role in worship.  Music is a universal language, and, with people around the world each week, we celebrate and express our faith through the singing of hymns, anthems, and solos, all accompanied by pipe organ, piano, harpsichord, and a variety of other fine instruments.  We embrace a diversity of musical styles and cultures from Anglican Episcopal to Southern Gospel,  from Kwanza and Channukah to Easter and Earth Day.   Although our musical emphasis is typically western classical and religious, we enjoy exploring many other musical eras.

Our festival choir consists of volunteers and section leaders/soloists from a wide range of musical backgrounds who come together to provide choral music for worship and meditation.  Rehearsals are most Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00, and all are welcome without audition.  The choir performs about three Sundays per month and has many special "music Sunday"concerts throughout the year.  We highlight local and occasionally international musicians to augment our services.


Children's Choir for Children in Grades 3-8
Nathaniel Needle, director

The junior choir rehearses Sunday mornings at 9:00 and sings several times throughout the year.  Some 30 children join each week to learn music and learn about music.

For further information about the Children's Choir, contact Nathaniel Needle

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History of First Unitarian's Music Program

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Information for substitute organists

Information for new choir members (logistics & service particulars)

Joy of Music Program

The Bob Bennett Memorial 3-rank harpsichord (presented to Music Worcester and housed at First U)
Floral soundboard artwork by Isabel Carleton

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The Reverend Barbara W. Merritt, Senior Minister

The Reverend Thomas Schade, Associate Minister

Diane Mirick, Religious Education Director

Will Sherwood, AAGO, ChM, Director of Music & Organist

Justine Beaudoin, Moderator

Gordon T. Gurney, Jerry Bellows, Music Committee Co-Chairs